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The RAR file format revision history:

    v1.3 (original, does not have "Rar!" signature)


    v2.0 - released with WinRAR 2.0 and Rar for MS-DOS 2.0 features the following changes:
        Multimedia compression for true color bitmap images and uncompressed audio.
        Up to 1MB compression dictionary.
        Introduces archives data recovery protection record.

    v2.91 - released in WinRAR version 3.00. Feature changes in this version include:
        File extensions is changed from {volume name}.rar, {volume name}.r00, {volume name}.r01, etc. to {volume name}.part001.rar, {volume name}.part002.rar, etc.
        Encryption of both file data and file headers.
        Improves compression algorithm using 4MB dictionary size, Dmitry Shkarin's PPMII algorithm for file data,
        Optional encryption algorithm is changed from cipher block chaining (CBC) mode to 128-bit AES.
        Optional creation of "recovery volumes" (.rev files) with redundancy data, which can be used to reconstruct missing files in a volume set.
        Support for archive files larger than 9 GB.
        Support for Unicode file names.

    v5.0 - supported by WinRAR 5.0 and later. Changes in this version:
        UTF-8 file names.
        Up to 1GB dictionary.
        Faster compression and decompression.
        Multicore decompression support.
        Greatly improves recovery.
        Optional AES encryption increased from 128-bit to 256-bit.
        Optional 256-bit BLAKE2 file hashing algorithm, instead of default 32-bit CRC32.
        Optional duplicate file detection.
        Optional NTFS hard and symbolic links.
        Optional Quick Open Record. Rar4 archives had to be parsed before opening as file names were spread throughout the archive, slowing operation particularly with slower devices such as optical drives, and reducing the integrity of damaged archives. Rar5 can optionally create a "quick open record", a special archive block at the end of the file that contains the names of files included, allowing archives to be opened faster.
        Removes specialized text, multimedia, and Itanium executables compression algorithms; consequently some files of these types compress better with WinRAR 4.2 (Rar4) than WinRAR 5.0 (Rar5)